VF30 VF37 VF39 VF43 VF48 VF52 Hybrid Ball Bearing + Billet Wheel Upgrade Service Stage 2 & 2.5

VF30 VF37 VF39 VF43 VF48 VF52  Hybrid Ball Bearing + Billet Wheel Upgrade Service Stage 2 & 2.5
VF30 VF37 VF39 VF43 VF48 VF52 Hybrid Ball Bearing + Billet Wheel Upgrade Service Stage 2 & 2.5
Item# RHF55-RB-S02B
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Turbocharger type (Please Specify):  Outright Purchase (Core Charge):  Vehicle Type:  Stage 2.5 56 mm Turbine Upgrade:  Porting and polishing:  Compressor Housing Powder Coating:  Wastegate Actuator:  TurboSmart Adjustable N/A VF37 (+180):  Twin Scroll Conversion (OEM P25 housing std turbine only):  Add a Perrin Turbo Blanket!: 
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Product Description

The Stage 2 billet compressor wheel upgrade is the perfect setup for Time Attack Street Class which allows for a maximum inducer diameter of 50 mm.  The 49.6 mm inducer 64 trim  The 7/7 blade configuration compressor wheel gets in just under the limit and pumps out  more than 44 lb/min of boosted air at full chat.  With the stock turbine housing going to the 56 mm turbine is a killer 340+WHP setup with quick response and high boost threshold.


Our Stage 2 hybrid ball bearing and billet wheel upgrade service includes our 7/7 blade configuration 62 mm compressor wheel with ETT along with new oil lines and gaskets and water pipes to the package. To optimize performance with the billet wheel Full porting and polishing is an additional cost option.

  1. Hybrid Ball Bearing Upgrade


    Just introduced for RHF55 turbos, the Six Star Speed Hybrid Ball/Journal Bearing Upgrade.  This system replaces the compressor side journal bearing with a super precision angular contact ceramic hybrid ball bearing.  The same bearing used in our XR turbos.  The single angular contact bearing also takes up thrust in one direction so the OEM thrust bearing is retained as well as the turbine side journal bearing.  The result is the virtual elimination of radial shaft movement, increased response and dramatically increased durability.  The long wearing hybrid ceramic ball bearing requires almost no lubrication thus reducing critical oil requirements for the turbo.  Axial shaft play is also reduced extending the life of turbine seals.  
Now available: 56 mm turbine wheels. The 56 mm turbine wheel increases exhaust flow capacity with a negligible decrease in response. Mid range and top end power increase suitable for 2.2 liter motors and larger.  The 56 mm turbine upgrade adds 2 weeks lead time.

This exclusive products features and service are only available at Six Star Speed.

How the service works:

Thatís the easy part, just buy the service from our store, fill out the DOWNLOADABLE ORDER FORM and ship us the turbo. We disassemble, clean and prep the housings and reassemble with our unique hybrid ball bearing billet wheel CHRA.


Our staged approach to rebuilding and upgrading the journal bearing STI/WRX turbos is detailed in the chart below:

60 mm OEM cast comp wheel Standard - - - -
60 mm 60 trim billet comp wheel w/ETT - Standard - - -
60 mm 64 trim billet comp wheel w/ETT - - Standard - -
62 mm 64 trim billet comp wheel w/ETT - - - Standard -
65 mm 65 trim billet comp wheel w/ETT - - - - Standard
53 mm 81 trim turbine Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
56 mm 83 trim turbine - Optional Optional Optional Optional
OEM comp housing 56 mm inlet Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
Turbine housing port and polish Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
TurboSmartactuator upgrade Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
AVO wastegate actuator upgrade Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional

  2. 1
    Purchase the service with your desired options. You can add options such as PnP, actuator upgrades, and coaitngs  to your order and purchase in advance.  
    • Advance purchase reserves your position in the work queue and saves time as we have to confirm requested work and option pricing before work begins.  
    • Make sure to fill out the service form regardless if you pre-order or ship/drop the turbo with us. 
    • If purchasing the turbo outright select the appropriate turbocharger type and applicable core charge.  Outright purchase may add 1-2 weeks to build time depending on availability

  3. 2
    Package your turbo securely. If you are shipping a turbo to us please package it such to avoid damage.  Wastegate actuators are the most vulnerable to damage and are a component of the turbo that will be re-used if in operable condition.  Make sure you have enough cushioning material to guard against the conditions of normal handling.

  4. 3
              Make sure to include the service form or a copy of your purchase receipt. Including the documentation saves time and allows us to get started right away.  We get a lot of turbos in each day.  Turbos received without service requests will unfortunately go to the back of the daily work queue.  Confirming the service request with without the docmentation may add 1-3 working days to the turn around time.  The service form is located here SERVICE FORM DOWNLOAD
  5. 4
    Ship your turbo to us or drop off if you are local When shipping your turbo you may use the courier of your choice.  UPS or FedEx are the most reliable and USPS has the advantage of delivering on Saturdays.  If you are local to Northern VA you can drop off your turbo at  Fairfax Auto Parts Machine Shop 8701 Lee Highway Fairfax VA 22031 7:30 am - 5:00 pm
  6. 5
    Confirmation of receipt and estimated completion time. When we receive your turbo we will confirm arrival and update the system to show the estimated completion time.  If you dropped or shipped the turbo to us without a pre-order we will contact you by phone or email to confirm details, service request, pricing and lead time.
  7. 6
    Completion and return shipping. When your turbo order is complete the system will be updated with tracking details and a message sent to you.  Tracking numbers are usually live by 8 pm on the shipping day.  For turbos without a pre-order invoices and payment will be processed before the turbo ships and tracking numbers sent by email.
  8. 7
    Receipt and installation.  Your turbo will ship to you complete and ready to install with documentation of guidelines and instructions.  Please follow them to the letter.  We always recommend professional installation of turbochargers.
  9. Basic service charge applies to a turbocharger in serviceable condition. Serviceable condition requires that the unit does not have a broken turbine shaft or turbine housing damaged by foreign object debris such as melted aluminum and free from damage to the compressor housing  abradable ring.  Turbochargers received with unserviceable damage will be given the option to purchase the service parts at the listed prices or have the unit returned. Refunds will be issued for returned unserviceable turbochargers minus a $90.00 inspection and shipping fee.
  10. Compressor Housing Damage - If your compressor housing is damaged and not able to be used or cut to a larger size then replacement charges will applied as follows:  VF37, VF39, VF43, VF48, and VF52 $80.  VF34 and VF30 $160
  11. Turbine Housing Damage - If your turbine housing is able to be used (this is likely to be the case in a broken shaft failure)  then replacement charges will applied as follows:  Single Scroll $60.  Twin Scroll $200