IHI VF40 Turbocharger Rebuild Service Subaru Legacy GT 05-09

IHI VF40 Turbocharger Rebuild Service Subaru Legacy GT 05-09
IHI VF40 Turbocharger Rebuild Service Subaru Legacy GT 05-09
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Add a Perrin Turbo Blanket!:  Port and Polish:  Compressor housing powder coat: 
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Product Description

RHF5H (VF40) Turbocharger Rebuid service


We have modified our RHF5H (VF40) rebuild service recently. Our revamped service is now specific to the VF40 units.

These turbos have received our performance rebuild service, the main feature of which is replacing the OEM CHRA with our VSR balanced, serial numbered and certified CHRA. They are backed by our 2-year limited warranty as well.

We can service your damaged VF40 at the listed service price. However if your turbo has a broken turbine shaft it will likely need a turbine housing replacement which we can not offer at this time.

How the service works:

Thatís the easy part, just buy the service from our store, fill out the DOWNLOADABLE ORDER FORM and ship us the turbo.  We disassemble, clean and recondition turbine and compressor housings, fasteners and pipes.  We replace the CHRA with a factory new unit, the turbo is reassembled, checked and shipped back to you.    


Basic service charge applies to a VF40 turbocharger in serviceable condition. Serviceable condition requires that the unit does not have a broken turbine shaft or turbine housing damaged by foreign object debris such as melted aluminum. Turbochargers received with unserviceable damage will be given the option to purchase the service parts or have the unit returned. Refunds will be issued for returned unserviceable turbochargers minus a $90.00 inspection and shipping fee.


The VF40 has been pretty much a dog of a turbo for the LGT application. It's small size and fragile internals make it the last choice for performance applications. However at Six Star Speed we are always thinking of ways to improve on what the Subaru Gods have given us to work with and have come up with a fantastic solution for the puny VF40.

We have developed a full conversion to take your VF40 to full RHF5HB ball bearing configuration with our ceramic ball bearing cartridge and large trim 60 mm 41 lb/min billet compressor wheel. Turning your unassuming VF40 into a 330+WHP fire breather with ball bearing quick response.

This is not a service and we do not need your core. We will however accept your core VF40 for a $100 rebate. The VF40-5R is offered outright with limitied availability from May 1st 2014 and is available for pre-order now!

Compressor Specifications

-Compressor Type: Billet Aluminum with Extended Tip technology
-Compressor Wheel OD (exducer): 60mm
-Compressor Wheel Inducer: 48 mm
-Max Flow Rate: 41 lb/min
-Compressor Housing: 2.2" inlet, 2-bolt outlet standard OEM VF40

Turbine Specifications

-Turbine material: Inconel 713 l
-Turbine Wheel OD: 53mm RHF5HB 11-blade 83 trim
-Turbine housingt:  Standard P18 VF40 housing Subaru stock fitment


-Dual Ceramic Ball Bearings - lowest friction and fastest spool/response, most extreme durability, brass bearing cages for high temperature handling
-Stock VF40 Fitment - standard VF40/VF52 mouting and compatability with OEM intercooler, uppipe and downpipe


-Turbine porting and polishing - for increased response and power select the PnP add on
-Compressor housing powder coat - set your turbo apart with black or red wrinkle powder coated comrpessor housing
-AVO internal wastegate actuator- Add precise and reliable boost control to extend the range of performance

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VF40 RHF5HB Ball Bearing Conversion Upgrade Turbocharger VF40-5R VF40-5R
Porting and polished turbine housing:  AVO Adjustable wastegate actuator:  Grimmspeed wastegate bracket for EWG:  Turbine housing coating:  Perrin turbo blanket: