Subaru EJ22T High Performance Engine Rebuild Kit

Subaru EJ22T High Performance Engine Rebuild Kit
Subaru EJ22T High Performance Engine Rebuild Kit
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Pistons:  Main journal size:  Rod journal size:  Connecting Rods:  ARP 11 mm Head Studs:  Oil pump:  Cometic Head Gasket:  Timing Belt/Kit EJ20 Hybrid only:  Fluidampr viscous harmonic balancer/crank pulley: 
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Product Description

If you are building that Phase 1 EJ22T motor for boost this is the kit you need.  Our ultra-high quality engine build  packages provide reliability and value you won't find elsewhere.  This kit can be used on SOHC engines and DOHC hybrids

Our EJ22T Refresh build kits include the following components: 

  • Forged 2618 alloy pistons from Wiseco or JE
  • OEM 75 mm Phase 1 Crankshaft
  • ACL Race Series engine bearings
  • Choice of Manley or Eagle Forged H-Beam Rods
  • Engine build worksheet and recommended specifications and materials 

This kit includes the crankshaft.

Please note this kit with Wiseco pistons is an interference configuration meaning that the pistons are above the block at TDC. A minimum gasket thickness of .049 inches is required for proper quench. .051 MLS gasket is recommended and yields a compression ratio of 8.5:1 with SOHC heads and 8.3:1 with EJ205 (S20) heads. JE Piston are not interference configuration and require a .027 or .030 MLS gasket

Service includes:

Engine build worksheet

Recommended specifications and materials

Compression ratio guide for builders

  • Please allow 10-12 business days for shipping for kits with JE Pistons