EJ257 High Performance Master Rebuild Kit

EJ257 High Performance Master Rebuild Kit
EJ257 High Performance Master Rebuild Kit
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Vehicle/engine year:  Pistons:  Connecting Rods:  Main journal oil clearance:  Rod journal oil clearance:  Add Crankshaft:  ARP 11 mm Head Studs:  Oil pump:  Fluidampr viscous harmonic balancer/crank pulley: 
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Product Description

Overhaul your failed USDM EJ255 OR EJ257 motor for reliability and high performance with this more than complete engine build kit. The high performance component package supports any build up to 400WHP with appropriate selection of options. Add in optional crankshaft, oil pump or head studs and customize engine specs to meet your performance goals.

Note: This kit is for the USDM engine only.

This Kit Includes:

Full OEM Gasket Set:

+ Multi-layered steel head gasket

+ Intake manifold gasket

+ Exhaust manifold gasket

+ Valve cover gasket

+ Viton valve stem seals

+ Camshaft front

+ O-rings

+ Other Small Gaskets

Gates Racing Timing Kit:

+ 1 Kevlar Timing Belt

+ 1 Tensioner (bearing & hydraulic cylindrical integral)

+ 1 Upper Idlers (bearing)

+ 1 Lower Idler (bearing)

+ 1 Lower Idler (sprocket with bearing)

+ 1 Upper Idler (small 31mm outside diameter)

+ Water pump

Choice of top brand piston sets

Choice of Manley or Eagle Forged H-Beam Rods

King XPG Series rod and main bearings

Please allow 5-7 days for processing and delivery. JE Pistons are special order and require additional processing time. Professional installation is strongly recommended.